Ferdi Salvador’s 25th Birthday

Happy Birthday to The Event Architects *TEA*’s main man, Ferdi Salvador, who celebrated his 25th at Skye Lounge last Thursday April 26, 2012. It was an incredibly well- attended event!

Birthday Boy, Ferdi Salvador

Schu’s Ruby Gan with Maco Custodio

With TEA’s Czarina Ledesma,

Lifestyle Asia and One Mega Group’s Cheryl Tiu with Cristina Gomez

Preview Magazine’s Pauline Juan

Preview Magazine’s Agoo Bengzon with Tara Santos and Franco Santos

Designer Rosanna Ocampo Rodriguez,

One Mega Group’s Jody Castillo and Tedrick Yao

Tatler’s Vicki Abary with host Bianca Valerio, Tim Yap, and Inquirer’s Tessa Valdes

Ingrid, The Bag Hag with Mega Style’s Jody Castillo

L’oreal’s Pam Picazo and her lovely date– her husband!

Carlo Bautista, Glenn, Ralph Lauren Fragrances’ Janie Latayan, Birthday Boy Ferdi, Tessa Valdes, and Ram Bucoy

It was an amazing night of fun!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FERDI!!!

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