Athena Prieto- Valdes’ 7th Birthday

Athena, the precocious daughter of Inquirer’s (and TV5 Extreme Makeover’s)  Tessa and husband Dennis Valdes, was born on a very auspicious and unforgettable date– May 5, 2005 (05/05/05) and she turned 7 years old today.


Held at the grandparents’ home of Athena, the Hawaiian- themed party was held both indoors and outdoors as guests and their little ones were treated to an afternoon full of entertainment,  food, and prizes.

Take a look at the guests who attended the fun- filled affair!

The hostess, Tessa Valdes & Giselle Toengi

Patty Chilip & her daughter

Daphne Paez

Edna Chua & her daughters

Jeena Lopez

The Bag Hag, Tessa, Patty, Edna

Virgie Ramos

Susan Joven

Tim Walters & Noel Dela Merced

Ginggay dela Merced & her daughter

Mel Siytan

Audrey Zubiri

Ria Prieto with her son

Divine Lee & Victor Basa

Dennis Valdes & Rommel Hinlo

Tootsie Angara & her daughter

Mye Cruz

Michelle Asence

Bangs Zaldivar

So many more people and their children attended, and the afternoon meal with a lot of sugary sweet treats were enough to leave adults, kids, included energetic and happy. Party details to follow in our succeeding post! And how was your weekend?

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