In the Details: Athena Valdes’ 7th Birthday Party

Athena’s Hawaiian- themed 7th birthday party

Beautiful Birthday Girl at 7!

included a  “sweet tooth” corner, a Shakey’s pizza truck, Lechon, Paella, Pasta,  The Big Chill booth, Selecta ice cream freezer (which served Magnum and banana splits!!) , all very carefully and meticulously planned by Athena’s super cool mom Tessa Valdes.

Mommy Tessa with Athena

Confectionery “DIY Sweets” by Mye and Bea Cruz (0917) 892.5527

The Sweet Treats Corner




Gummy Kabobs


The Shakey’s Pizza on Wheels Truck Parked by the Garden Driveway.  (02) 839.0154

Chicken and Mojos




Lechon, please!


Big Chill kept everyone hydrated and refreshed. (02) 661.7723


Kids were fishing for fishes to bring home in portable aquariums


Entertainment and party planning was done in coordination with Jelly Bellies Party Experts (02) 724.7695


More sweets to bring home as party souvenirs: personalized chocolate bars,  tropical and “sea creatures” themed cupcakes


The cutest cakes were made by Marita Laddaran of Hearts and Bells (02) 244.0255

Each child received a “bayong” weave basket full of goodies and a cool straw hat– all perfect for summer. It was the perfect party to end a warm week in Manila.

Happy Birthday, Athena! Kudos to Mommy Tessa for planning a fantastic event!

One thought on “In the Details: Athena Valdes’ 7th Birthday Party

  1. Sugar high for all but so much fun! Athena’s pretty dress was designed by her Ninong Rajo Laurel who had it done before his trip to the States! So pretty photos! Beautiful feature!

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