Busy & Beautiful Moms on Mother’s Day

Today, we asked these beautiful moms whose lives may already be full with juggling work commitments left and right but still make all the time for their children, on what they’d like to receive for Mother’s Day this Sunday, May 13, 2012.

KARIZ TANYA FAVIS, Editor-in Chief/ Co-Founder, BC Magazine US & Philippines

Tanya Favis, Mother of 3 + 1 on the way

Mother to 2 daughters with a baby boy on the way

“For Mother’s Day, I always love to get– and never fail to receive– handmade gifts from my daughters. The effort and care they put into their cards or posters makes me feel like the luckiest woman. This year, I still hope to receive those wonderful gestures from them– that’s all. I am however, praying for something that’s not in my husband’s nor kids’ capacity to give: a quick, almost painless, safe, full- term delivery to a perfectly healthy (and if it’s not too much to ask, gorgeous!) baby boy.


SMALL LAUDE, Educational Entrepreneur, Greenhills Learning Center

Small Laude, Mother of 4

Mother to 3 sons and 1 daughter:

“Cliche as it may sound, for Mother’s Day I just want to be with my hubby and kids. The best gift is to be surrounded with their love and laughter while enjoying good food together. Of course, if they they surprise me with a new purse, I wouldn’t say no! Ha-ha!”


PLESHY WEE, Businesswoman, Philips Gadgets & Accessories 

Pleshy Wee, Mother of 3

Mother to 2 sons and 1 daughter:

“I definitely wouldn’t get tired of receiving handmade greeting cards from my kids & hub. Handmade cards are more personal that people tend to hang on to them longer. Whether they made the card themselves or someone else made it for them, the time spent to find or make that special card means a lot especially when you handwrite something in it.”


XANDRA RAMOS- PADILLA, General Manager, The Ramp Crossings ; Purchasing Director for Books, National Bookstore

Xandra Ramos- Padilla, Mother of 2

Mother to 2 daughters

‘For Mother’s Day, I would be excited to receive an Olympia Le-Tan book clutch, like ‘Love Story’ .

(Available at Net-a-Porter)

It would be fun to carry one as I love both books and bags.”


Now, If you have not yet decided on a gift for Mother’s Day, a beautiful handmade card will never fail to make her smile. Of if you want to buy her a little something special, why not get her a bag, a bottle of perfume, or some fashion accessories that she’d love to use?

Now if you are still quite clueless, please don’t forget to check our Mother’s Day Gift Ideas as a guide!

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