Wedding Tips: Five Dependable Earring Styles for the Bride

Congratulations if you are to be a June bride! By now, everything should be all planned and settled since you have less than a month before June! Invitations should have been printed by now and be sent at least 2 weeks before your big day. And your wedding gown should already be in its “final” finishing stages. The question remains, what kind of earring shall you wear on that big day?

Here’s a tip:  You might want to match it with your engagement ring. It need not be part of a set but should ideally be of the same feel, look and color (gem/diamond combination). Here are some style selections for your ears on your big day:

1)  The Solitaire
The simple elegance of a pair of Round Brilliant- Cut Diamond solitaire earrings is your sure bet.  Solitaire earrings shown above are from

2) The Drop
You can also decide to commit on your wedding day with a set of two- stone drop earrings of round and pear- shaped diamonds.

3)  The Rosita / Cluster
You may also opt to wear these Tiffany Garden Flower earrings. A pair of delightful floral cluster- set diamond earrings which feature Rose- Cut Diamonds (an antique cut which is said to bring good luck) on each petal from Tiffany’s.

4) The Stiletto
The solemn and slender look of the Three-Stone Drop earrings from Harry Winston brags two pairs of Emerald- Cut Diamonds which stem down from each pair of Round- Cut Diamonds. This is a more expensive kind of the standard stiletto shape, depending of course on carat weight of each “solitaire” that make up the stiletto shape.

5) The Chandelier

Why not adorn diamond “chandeliers” on each ear like these Shinde Briolette earrings, also from Harry Winston. It cascades in tiers of Round, Marquis, Pear and Briolette- Cut Diamonds.

An important style tip when it comes to bridal earrings: I don’t recommend brides to wear hoop earrings even if they were encrusted with pavé diamonds or have that “eternity” diamonds look and style . I do find it too playful and consider this best worn on an occasion that is not as “monumental” as your wedding day.  And because it is your day, don’t be surprised to see your guests wearing hoop earrings too. You are the bride, you would want to stand out on this special day!

When it comes to choosing a pair of earrings for your big day, also remember to think of comfort. The pair should not weigh more than 10grams (approximately). After all, you wouldn’t want to get the sagging ear holes as souvenir of your wedding day!

*****Written by Richmond P. Velayo, G.J.G.(GIA)*****

2 thoughts on “Wedding Tips: Five Dependable Earring Styles for the Bride

  1. oh wow. that is def something to think about. im getting married next summer and i have thought about what i should be wearing on the day vaguely. im in the middle of my planning stages and will prob come to the jewelary stage prob when there is about 6 months left. i’ve started writing a blog about my planning adventures which i hope will be as helpful as ive found your post. 🙂

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