Travel: Amigo Terrace Hotel, Iloilo City

It was my first time in Iloilo City and I was very impressed. Wide roads, proper urban planning, and very friendly people greeted me. Apart from the fantastic food and “pasalubongs” which had left a lasting mark on me, the hotel we stayed in was also something worth writing home about.

We stayed at the Amigo Terrace Hotel which is currently undergoing renovations. The ground entrance is still being refurbished but the 3rd floor lobby is already partly completed and was very nicely decorated. Across from the reception and concierge desk was the exterior cafe/ breakfast area which I had thoroughly enjoyed.

We were booked in the Presidential Suite located on the 5th (top) floor of the hotel (Room 509). It was an impressive suite. Newly renovated, modern, cozy, and very spacious. It comes with a small terrace overlooking the 3rd floor outdoor cafe/ sitting area (photo above).

The Presidential Suite comes with its own dining table for 6, an extra sofa (I think this also doubles as a sofa bed), and 2 toilets– one for your guests should you decide to host a small dinner,

and the other one for your personal use.

The suite is really the ideal place to host a small group of friends at night!

The bedroom which is separate from the living room and receiving area is very spacious. It has its own bar service area as well.

The view of the bedroom from the entrance of the bathroom– which has both a shower stall and a bath tub!

The hotel is very thoughtful with their younger guests as well– there was a nice play area on the 5th floor for the children to enjoy too, so both parents and their kids can definitely enjoy the staycation!
Iloilo is indeed a beautiful city in the Philippines and I would definitely not hesitate to come back here again for a longer visit!

To visit Iloilo and find out the best places to see as well as to book Amigo Terrace Hotel, contact:

CV Travel and Tours Corporation

CYNROS Building, 3F Suite 301-302,  513 Alonso Street , Malate, Manila 1004

Telephone: (632) 253-0043 / (632)  521- 4132

Telefax: (632) 521-4246

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