Closet Raiders: Pleshy Wee

Pleshette Wee is like a little firecracker of laughter and fun.  Pleshy as she is known to friends, was trained as a theater actress and has been featured in tv commercials  before she decided to get married, settle down, and have 3 beautiful children (which includes a set of twins) whom she now happily dotes on. This very tireless theater actress-turned-mother continues to work but in an entirely different field now– as a stock broker and businesswoman alongside her husband.

Pleshy is  known to have this passion for collecting knickknacks and “things” which she picks up through her business- related travels, and getting the chance to “pick up” these souvenirs is what makes her business trips more than bearable. Manila Social Diary is honored to have been given the opportunity to see her “collection”.

Welcome to Pleshy’s closet. Or at least a part of it!

Pleshy loves her wigs.

Parasols for a sunny day.

No shortage of hats in her closet!

Not every man can understand a woman’s love affair with shoes. Luckily, Pleshy’s husband does 🙂

A part of her belt collection.

Then there are fascinators and hair accessories.

Very Jason Bourne of Pleshy to have these “passports” 🙂

Whoa, shackles! Perfect for Halloween!

Pleshy enjoys dressing up, so she maintains a healthy collection of costumes for any occasion!

Feather boas, prints, a lot of necklaces and bracelets…

We singled out a few of our favorites 🙂

Shoes by YSL

Bone necklaces

Sam Edelman

A colorful necklace

Alexander McQueen

An old fashioned syringe necklace

Peacock bangle

Pleshette has the personality to carry off everything in her closet, without a doubt. We had a great deal of fun playing around in her closet– and we hope you did too!



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