John Walker & Sons Voyager, Manila Event

JOHN WALKER & SONS VOYAGER, the iconic ocean journey across Asia Pacific that seeks to present a game changing experience for the most progressive of individuals, finally arrives in Manila!

The luxury yacht gathered Manila’s crème de la crème to experience the pinnacle of luxury craftsmanship, heritage and modern innovation, and launch the new rare triple malt, JOHN WALKER & SONS ODYSSEY (see photos of guests below).

A global campaign of extraordinary proportions, John Walker & Sons Voyager is a literal reproduction of an epic journey, which evokes the nautical and game-changing heritage of John Walker & Sons. Having first set sail from Shanghai last month, the journey through Asia Pacific will take the Voyager through nine key ports of call. Its arrival in the Philippines last October 29  marks its fourth stop in this epic ocean voyage.

“Celebrating journeys without boundaries – John Walker & Sons Voyager pays tribute to the Walker family, whose unwavering vision took the brand beyond a small town in Scotland and across the seas to exotic new lands, and the indelible impact they left on history,” shares Mr. James Thompson, Diageo Chief Marketing Officer for Asia Pacific.

Arif Esenc, Managing Director of Diageo Philippines said he is thrilled that the Voyager is now in Manila. “The Philippines was a key port in the original trading routes of the Walker family and was instrumental in helping John Walker & Sons achieve the global reach it enjoys today. We look forward to celebrating the vision of the Walker family and the game changers of Asia Pacific who have inspired, and continue to inspire, a generation,” concluded Esenc.

The Beginning of a New Odyssey

John Walker & Sons Voyager also served as the fitting stage for the launch of John Walker & Sons Odyssey here in the Philippines, a new blend which commemorates the 80th anniversary of one of Sir Alexander Walker’s greatest innovations – a whisky decanter that could move to match the motion of the sea. Esteemed guests were invited aboard Voyager for a luxury mentoring session with John Walker & Sons Global Brand Ambassador Mr. Tom Jones.

“John Walker & Sons Odyssey stands proudly amongst the rarest of blends – a unique triple malt inspired by the golden era of sea travel,” shares Mr. Tom Jones.

Developed by Master Blender Jim Beveridge using Sir Alexander’s original hand-written notes, John Walker & Sons Odyssey has been carefully blended and married in European oak casks to create a drink that brings to life the House of Walker’s signature big, bold flavours, and delivers exceptional smoothness.

To punctuate the uniqueness of the blend, an exquisitely crafted, crystal-grade glass decanter has been created to house John Walker & Sons Odyssey.

This stunning work of art is a reflection of the nautical heritage and success of the Walker business that perfectly captures the motion and romance of the sea. When gently pushed, the bottle swings elegantly to and fro and as the case is turned, rotates fluidly 360 degrees. When at rest, it will always point up, paying homage to the steadfast and progressive direction shown by Sir Alexander himself.

From China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Philippines, John Walker & Sons Voyager will proceed to Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and India. As the boat journeys through Asia Pacific, leading authors, photographers and illustrators from around the region will capture the progress of each port-of-call from the Golden Era till present day, recreating one of the first luxury travel guides written –Around the World.

First commissioned by the House of Walker almost 100 years ago, the guide was developed with the assistance of John Walker & Sons in-market distributers who each contributed a chapter on their country.

Aboard the Voyager were guests like CATS’ Felix and Grace Ang

Andrew Gan and JM Rodriguez

Pepper Teehankee

Tim Yap and Ramon Lopez- Vito Bucoy

See more of who went onboard the magnificent Voyager

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